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Over-production is the greatest single flaw of the luxury watch industry

Over-production is the greatest single flaw of the luxury watch industry leading to over-supply & over-pricing & stock dumping & over-discounting, its repercussions reverberating throughout all significant consumer segments: what should one do? The luxury watch industry has never been able to get a handle on correct production volumes of high-priced luxury items, to a point its own products at retail levels compete against itself at authorized-dealer and gray market consumer interactions.
Starting with the info-video below, as well as our earlier post: we help you determine how to objectively view any particular luxury brand, and how to assess if a reference is over-priced or not, and if supply is abundant or not.
Our posts are here to help you make sense of the Luxury Watch (and not so luxury watch) industry with ever increasing prices & annual production of >2M per year! Here is how:
a) how much is over-marketing & how much is real?
b) buy what you love, but know the brand well first!
c) what is a true niche, celebrated brand vs mass-consumer vs all the “in-betweens”, and what is a good objective criterion?
d) what should you be paying (almost always less) & should you over-pay (almost never)?
e)should you blame ADs or Brands for the gray market of heavy discounting & large over premiums?
f) how should you manage servicing issues & who can you trust & what should you check?
g) what is the overall relationship within the Brands-Authorized Dealers-Distributor-Gray Market matrix?
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We are a Horological CounterCulture Investigative Media Company and have no commercial interests in such companies or sales below! We are only here to expose the industry for what it truly is – and yes we love (and will continue to love) watches too!
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