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The problem with Kering and Girard-Perregaux and Ulysee Nardin…

Loss-making Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux to exit the Kering Group? As reported by @misstweedofficial an hour ago:
And do read @misstweedoficial’s earlier article “Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux: how to destroy a watch brand” which we highly recommend!
You may see earlier analysis of the various brands in terms of masstige, prestige, niche or mass consumerism in the luxury watch industry here:
P.S. we are a Horological CounterCulture Investigative Media Company and have no commercial interests in such companies or sales below! We are only here to expose the industry for what it truly is – and yes we love (and will continue to love) watches too!
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