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COLLECTORS’ LOVE versus SALES (Or perhaps Perception/Hype/Marketing versus Sales).

How well is your beloved (or hated) watch brand doing and does your love (or hate) for it translate to the brand doing well (or badly)?
Or do collectors’ love translate mostly to sales in the secondary, used market? Like it or not, sales = actual brand new purchases: read & weep (or be joyful, if you will 🙂
Here is our breakdown & analysis based on the Morgan Stanley Luxe Consult Report 2021 on the Luxury Watch Industry share market by brand sales: 2018-2019-2020: see who is going up or down, the trends are clear!
(Our WatchPit remarks & thoughts & question-marks are in (brackets)! )
===>The Big(gest) Boys & doing well & rising or hanging in there
ROLEX: 22.2% ->23.4%->24.9% (Private company/behemoth)
OMEGA Watches: 9%->8.5%->8.8% (Swatch group, consistent star)
Cartier Watches:4.9%->5.5%->6.7% (Richemont group, shooting, lately shining star!)
LONGINES:6.4%->6.6%->6.2% (Swatch group, consistent star, top watch brand in China)
Patek Philippe: 5.7%->6.1%->5.8% (Private company/venerated watch brand of the most prestigious, complicated timepieces)
Audemars Piguet:4.0%->3.4%->4.3% (Private Company & the smallest of the big boys/despite great feverish demand over the Royal Oak, still fluctuating up & down… what is happening?)
P.S. as many have asked, by FY 2020 sales, the Japanese brands Citizen Watch, Seiko, would rank 2nd & 3rd respectively after ROLEX edging just ahead of OMEGA Watches & Cartier with CASIO G-SHOCK just behind, and ahead of Patek Philippe.
===>Up & Up
Breitling: 1.4%->1.8%->2.4% (<private company headed by ex-IWC CEO> HOW is this magic happening? We investigate more soon…)
===>Hanging in there!
Panerai :1.9%->1.9%->1.6% (despite being much derided, seems hanging in there…<Richemont company>)
===>Up & Down!
Jaeger-LeCoultre: 2.5%->2.6%->2.1% (more downside to come for this Richemont group entity?)
Vacheron Constantin: 1.9%->2.2%->1.5% (despite great provenance, technical excellence & movement finishing & artistry & the fever hype over the Overseas line….why so? <Richemont group entity>)
===>On the way down it seems…
Tissot: 4.1%->4%->3.1% (mostly quartz: who cares?)
IWC Schaffhausen: 3.4%->3.2%->2.7% (despite much love with their pilots, are there less buyers every year because of too little differentiation in design between old & new models and there being soooo many older models in the secondary market?)
TAG Heuer: 3.9%->3.4%->3.0% (is this ‘powerhouse’ of old lacking in new ideas, designs & novel highlight references? Part of LVMH group)
Hublot: 2.5%->2.6%->2.3% (is this ‘powerhouse’ of old lacking in new ideas, designs & novel highlight references? Part of LVMH group)
Breguet:1.9%->1.7%->1.2% (the brand of the creator of the tourbillon becomes… *gasp* <part of Swatch group>)
*the above reports In turn draw on the Luxe consult and Morgan Stanley reports.
P.S. we are a Horological CounterCulture Investigative Media Company and have no commercial interests in such companies or sales below! We are only here to expose the industry for what it truly is – and yes we love (and will continue to love) watches too! The impact of excess supply and over-pricing are our core research subject areas and we aim to expose the truth in the quest to uphold consumer rights and corporate accountability.
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