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Oh mighty ROLEX: Just who is right and who is wrong?

Thousands of Discounted & Unwanted Rolexes at just one gray dealer alone (below). Meanwhile, an Authorized Dealer is exposed by ex-employees* to be ‘flipping’ super hot Rolexes at a premium to maximize profits. At the same time, your Authorized Dealers have very little say in the timing & selection of watches they get!** (below again).
P.S. we are a Horological CounterCulture Investigative Media Company and have no commercial interests in such companies or sales below! We are only here to expose the industry for what it truly is – and yes we love (and will continue to love) watches too! The impact of excess supply and over-pricing are our core research subject areas and we aim to expose the truth in the quest to uphold consumer rights and corporate accountability.
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